Blac Chyna dishes on her transformation, co-parenting and her relationship with the Kardashian family (2024)

Angela White, formerly known as Blac Chyna, says she's been prioritizing showing her authentic self.

Speaking to, White opens up about the changes happening in her life, co-parenting and the impact her children have made on her.

White welcomed daughter Dream Renee, who shares her mom's middle name, with Robert Kardashian in November 2016. The two began dating in January of that same year, and had the initial months of their relationship on camera for the docu-series “Rob & Chyna.”

Despite their breakup in 2017, White says their co-parenting skills are "great."

"Communication is key," she says. "Just in life in general. So we do have an open line of communication so we can make sure that Dream is taken care of and all her needs are met."

White adds that she's "very grateful" that the two agreed to share equal custody of Dream.

While White's co-parenting relationship with Rob Kardashian seemed to have improved over the years, the mother of two's relationship with the Kardashian family appears to have hit an impasse. In 2022, White sued the Kardashian family — Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kris Jenner and Kylie Jenner — for ruining her television career following her split with Rob Kardashian. In May of that year, a Los Angeles jury ruled that those mentioned in the lawsuit did not unjustly harm White's career.

When asked about the status of her relationship with the Kardashian family, White responds that she doesn't “want to talk about them."

"I’m talking about Angela White," she continues. "And that part bothers me, you know what I mean? Like why does it always have to be about somebody else?"

"My relationship ... is ... what it’s gonna be. But what does it matter? The only thing that matters is how I treat people and how I take care of my kids. That’s really it," she adds.

As for her ex Tyga, with whom she shares 11-year-old son King Cairo, White says they "co-exist" as parents.

"That’s like the best thing," she says. "We just worry about King — that’s really it."

White's comments about Tyga, born Michael Stevenson, came just days before the rapper filed for legal and physical custody of their son on Oct. 13, according to court documents obtained by E! News.

A few months before that, in July, White filed for joint custody of Cairo, requesting in the lawsuit that a "parental relationship" with Stevenson be determined,per court documents obtained by E! News.

Amid the ups and downs of co-parenting with her former partners, White considers herself fierce and a "mama bear." She says that her son and daughter have taught her that she's "worth it" and made her realize that God selected her to raise "these beautiful kids" and teach them about life.

White elaborated further on her relationship to faith, explaining that religion is taking a forefront in her life as she was just baptized into Christianity.

"It’s always been there, but I just never had gotten baptized and converted and saved my life for Jesus," White says. "I feel like it’s one of those things...when you’ve been popular for so long, you’ve been making so much money and getting everything that you want, people don’t really pray everyday."

She continued, "I don’t want that to be my story. So this is like a lifestyle of devotion."

Aside from her baptism, fans have been following White's journey of removing face fillers, going by her birth name, working to give back — like her work with Bruno Serato’s Caterina’s club to feed young children — and turning to a life of sobriety. The 35-year-old recently marked her first full year of being sober.

"It’s been great. I feel like I’m way more clear minded and more focused," she says of her sobriety. "I didn’t want to continue just to even put anything negative into my body because we literally only can we have one life and one body."

White is also working to set the record straight. She addressed why why she's been selling her clothes, explaining that she's been doing it since 2013. White says she sells items from her company and Blac Chyna Closet, adding that she also sews clothing.

As for what's next for White, the model says she's focusing on acting, music, a cooking show, fitness and working on herself.

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Blac Chyna dishes on her transformation, co-parenting and her relationship with the Kardashian family (2024)


Do the Kardashians get along with Blac Chyna? ›

While White's co-parenting relationship with Rob Kardashian seemed to have improved over the years, the mother of two's relationship with the Kardashian family appears to have hit an impasse.

Does Blac Chyna have a relationship with her daughter? ›

Blac Chyna is loving her new normal with her kids. The model mom, 35, chatted with Entertainment Tonight, where she opened up about now having joint custody of both her kids — daughter Dream, 7, whom she shares with ex Rob Kardashian and King Cairo, 11, whom she shares with ex Tyga.

Does Chyna get child support? ›

Tyga will not be required to pay child support despite Chyna's request for $125,000 to cover legal and accounting expenses. In court documents filed in the fall, the reality star revealed that she sold her belongings to cope with financial difficulties caused by a substantial decline in her business sales.

Why did Tyga leave Blac Chyna? ›

Chyna said on the podcast that she and Tyga split after things “ran its course.” Tyga, now 33, moved on with Kylie, now 26, in 2014.

What did Chyna do to Khloe? ›

In October 2017, Chyna filed a lawsuit against Kris Jenner and her daughters Khloé, Kim Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner, claiming that they interfered with her contract at E! and caused the cancellation of Rob & Chyna.

Does Blac Chyna have 50/50 custody? ›

Blac Chyna Now Has 50-50 Custody Of Her Kids With Exes Tyga And Rob Kardashian Following Their Infamous Messy Feud.

Who has custody of Dream Kardashians now? ›

Ciani, told PEOPLE in a statement, “All along, Chyna has only wanted to peacefully co-parent precious Dream with her ex-fiancé, Rob Kardashian … The current custody arrangement for Dream agreed to by Rob long ago is working perfectly fine.”

How rich is Blac Chyna? ›

What Is Blac Chyna's Net Worth, And How Does She Make Her Money? Blac Chyna's net worth is $1.5 million, which has decreased from $5 million due to business struggles and legal fees. Chyna has made money as a model, reality TV star, actor, social media influencer and entrepreneur.

How much does Blac Chyna receive in child support? ›

Chyna spoke about not receiving child support for either of her children during a chat with SiriusXM's Hip Hop Nation. She proudly said that getting "no child support" was her "biggest flex." "My biggest flex. I mean, just honestly taking care of my kids by myself as a single parent, but no child support," she said.

How much money does Blac Chyna get from child support? ›

"I'm a MAMA." In a second tweet, she added, "Single no support child support." Tyga—who shares 9-year-old son King Cairo with Chyna—defended his contributions. "I pay 40k a year for my son school & he lives w me mon- sat," the "Rack City" rapper wrote in the comments section of a screenshot of her tweets.

How much does Blac Chyna make child support? ›

According to Blac Chyna, she's not receiving any child support. But for the mom of two, she said she views it as her "biggest flex." "Honestly, just taking care of my kids by myself as a single parent with no child support," Blac Chyna discussed on a recent episode of SiriusXM's Hip Hop Nation.

Who is Blac Chyna with right now? ›

Nearly one month after debuting their romance on social media, Blac Chyna and her boyfriend Derrick Milano have made their red carpet debut at a charity dinner gala. Blac Chyna and Derrick Milano have marked a new milestone in their romance.

How long did Tyga and Kylie date? ›

Rumors swirled that they began dating when Jenner was only 17; however, they have both denied those claims. After dating Tyga on and off for more than three years, the two called it quits. In a 2017 episode of her E! reality show Life of Kylie, Jenner spoke about the importance of enjoying her youth.

Who is the father of Blac Chyna's son King Cairo? ›

Tyga and Blac Chyna have come to an agreement regarding the custody of their 11-year-old son, King Cairo. The rapper, 34, and model, 35, are settling their longtime legal disputes with an amicable agreement.

What does Blac Chyna do to the Kardashians? ›

BLAC Chyna's relationship with the Kardashians turned sour after a failed engagement and a canceled spinoff series. Although Chyna was friends with Kim and engaged to Rob, the lousy blood escalated to the point where she took the Kardashian-Jenner family members to court.

Is Blac Chyna friends with Khloe? ›

Khloé Kardashian Has No Relationship with Blac Chyna After Lawsuit.

Who has custody of Dream? ›

As per the court agreement, Blac and Rob share the physical custody of Dream, and Kourtney is not the legal guardian. However, Blac Chyna's parenting techniques were questioned on multiple occasions.


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