Top 9 Kitchen Design Trends 2024 You Can't-Miss! (2024)

Kitchen Trends 2024 is for a personalised culinary experience!

Bid goodbye to bold colour schemes, cluttered storage, cramped countertops, and those fatigued faces in the kitchen. Welcome the fresh kitchen trends of 2024. Just as a cosy bed with soft linens beckons us to a restful slumber, a well-designed, organised, and spacious kitchen sets the stage for a positive mindset and encourages culinary adventures. There’s undeniable truth in the influence of ambience on our state of mind. The trending ideas emerge as problem solvers, bringing style and luxury to transform your space.

We turn to Designer Shikha Agarwal, the studio head at DesignCafe, Hyderabad, for insights into how these trends are reshaping the heart of our homes. Join us as we explore the flavours, textures, and designs that promise to elevate your kitchen experience.

1. Innovative Kitchen Design Trends: Pantry Units!

No more cluttered corners! One kitchen design essential we often hear about is – a pantry unit. It’s a smart storage solution (like a store room!) for all your kitchen items and accessories. Whether it’s a pull-out unit, a walk-in space, or a pantry with a swing larder, a variety of sleek designs and space-saving mechanisms are available, all personalised for your kitchen needs. Check out this image showcasing a swing larder pantry unit, bringing items within easy reach from those hard-to-access spots.

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2. In Kitchen Appliance Trends: Appliance Garage

Bid farewell to crowded countertops with microwaves and mixers! The appliance garage trend revolutionises kitchens by offering dedicated spaces to store both small and large machines, ensuring a clean and organised countertop. An appliance garage or a tall unit can also be customised to fit multiple gadgets and match your interiors. Here’s a glimpse of a gorgeous neutral-themed space adorned with marble, showcasing an appliance garage featuring a built-in space for microwaves or ovens alongside cabinets and drawers for other smaller machines.

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3. 2024 Kitchen Trends: Get Ready to Love ‘Islands’

This year’s home trends are all about convenience, modernity and innovation. In 2024 kitchen trends, islands are becoming more versatile and functional. Evolving from simple countertops, they now offer built-in storage, seating, and integrated sink units, making them the focal point of modern culinary heavens. Whether you are searching for extra space or a multifunctional breakfast nook, islands have become indispensable. Take a look at this picture showcasing an island with concealed storage and two high chairs, perfect for family gatherings.

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4. Latest Trends in Kitchen Cupboards for Water Purifiers

The latest kitchen trends in 2024 introduce an innovative solution: an under-sink unit dedicated to water purifiers. Say goodbye to the cluttered wall space and tangled wires! Conceal your water purifier in an under-sink cabinet, connecting one tap for filtered drinking water and the other for regular use. It is modern, convenient, and ensures safety. Take a peek at this kitchen space, which showcases an under-sink cabinet for a water purifier, keeping the kitchen tidy and stylish.

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5. Kitchen Style Trends Lean Towards Quartz Platforms

Before getting your kitchen designed or renovated, one question generally lingers in homeowners’ minds – which countertop is the most durable? This year, quartz is stealing the spotlight! Quartz platforms are preferred for their durability, low maintenance (no sealing required), and extensive variety in colours and patterns, offering a hygienic, consistent, and visually appealing option for kitchen surfaces. Look at this lavish quartz countertop with an integrated hob unit that beautifully complements the neutral cabinet tones.

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6. Trendy Modern Kitchen Wall Colours: Pick Neutral Tones

Out with bold colours, in with subtle, neutral tones! In 2024, the focus is on creating serene and inviting kitchen spaces adorned with gentle hues that radiate relaxation. Amidst the stresses of everyday living, choosing soothing colours can make a world of difference. Opt for beige, white, cream, or grey shades for your walls. These hues bring simplicity and openness to your space. Take a look at this kitchen adorned in a neutral colour palette of white and light pastels, featuring handleless cabinets, crystal drop pendant lights, and a stunning island table with additional storage and seating.

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7. Kitchen Tiles’ Latest Trends: Pop-Up Colours for the WOW Factor!

While the walls maintain a minimalistic vibe, the tiles can add that splash of colour you seek! The kitchen interior trends of 2024 emphasise the importance of vibrant tiles, particularly in the backsplash, infusing energy and personality into your space. Tiles often come in various designs, such as the Moroccan style, and can serve as the focal point or accent wall for a single-toned space. Take a peek at this room boasting a copper palette with refreshing yellow tiles in the backsplash, paired with a pristine white countertop and a hint of gold in the kitchen faucet.

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8. Handle Evolution: Kitchen Design Trends 2023, 2024…

Handles are undergoing a makeover! Designs like edge-profile and Gola designs are gaining popularity by offering a seamless and modern look. Remember, style is in the details. While there is nothing wrong with regular ones, modern handles will definitely elevate your kitchen. Investing in these transformative details for your dream home interiors is a choice worth making. This kitchen flaunts cabinets with profile handles featuring exposed edges for improved grip and style.

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9. Lastly, Embracing ‘Two Sinks’ In 2024 Kitchen Trends

Two sinks? Yes, it’s a trend! Increased storage options and larger sinks in utility areas make kitchens more organised and functional. While having two full kitchens might not be practical for many, having two separate sinks is a viable option. One sink in the utility area caters to messy cleaning and dirty utensils, while the other in the kitchen serves for basic washing and cooking needs. This separation promotes a cleaner kitchen ambience, offers more space, and provides a modern approach to culinary experiences.

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This year, kitchens are evolving into sophisticated, functional, and stylish spaces, marrying innovation with design. As we enter 2024, keep an eye on these kitchen design trends as they hold transformative powers to elevate your culinary haven, seamlessly integrating technology, aesthetics, and functionality. Exciting times ahead for interior design aficionados!

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Top 9 Kitchen Design Trends 2024 You Can't-Miss! (2024)


What are the new trends in kitchen cabinets in 2024? ›

Bold and trending cabinet colors are making waves in the kitchen, with more homeowners opting for vibrant hues such as deep emerald greens, rich navy blues, fiery reds, and moody blacks instead of neutral tones.

What is the trend in kitchen faucets in 2024? ›

Gold Finishes and Accents

What color is your kitchen faucet? If you're like most people, it's probably a shiny or brushed stainless steel finish. Or maybe it's matte black or oil-rubbed bronze. However, in 2024, the design world is moving toward a new favorite metal finish: gold.

Are dark cabinets out of style 2024? ›

While there are so many design elements in this room to take inspiration from, we're fascinated by the room's dark hues; most notably the dark kitchen cabinets which establish a cozy feel to the room, confirming a trend we're seeing become increasingly popular, and one we expect will dominate kitchen ideas in 2024.

Are waterfall countertops out of style 2024? ›

The rising popularity of waterfall edge countertops reflects a shift towards more dramatic, statement-making design choices in homes. It's a trend for those who see their space not just as a place to live, but as a canvas for self-expression and artistry.

What is the best color for a kitchen in 2024? ›

Here are the top kitchen paint colors for 2024 that are guaranteed to transform your cooking space.
  1. Earthy Greens. Green has been a popular color for a while now, but in 2024, we're seeing a shift towards more earthy, muted tones. ...
  2. Bold Blues. ...
  3. Warm Neutrals. ...
  4. Sunny Yellows. ...
  5. Rich Reds. ...
  6. Soothing Greys. ...
  7. Vibrant Teals.
Jan 29, 2024

What is the best color for kitchen cabinets in 2024? ›

Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors in 2024
  • Green and Blue Tranquility. ...
  • Blissful Blue. ...
  • Blending Light & Warmth. ...
  • Versatile Medium Tones. ...
  • Integrating Wood and Painted Cabinetry. ...

What color faucets are in style 2024? ›

For a while there, it seemed like black hardware was going to take the leading spot in terms of finish colors, but according to nearly 50 percent of respondents in the NKBA survey, gold will be number one for kitchen faucets, followed by stainless steel and black.

Are gold fixtures in style 2024? ›

In fact, it's not just a passing trend, according to Decorator's wisdom, brushed gold is expected to be a prominent trend in bathroom design through 2024! Its versatility is one of the key reasons for its rising popularity.

Is oil rubbed bronze out of style 2024? ›

Oil-rubbed bronze is a classic fixture color that can be timeless in the right space. While oil-rubbed bronze isn't out of style, a bright faux bronze or faux gold fixture could probably use a refresh. Many homeowners opt for more modern, flat black fixtures that work well with most interior styles.

Are Shaker cabinets going out of style 2024? ›

Looking ahead into 2024, shaker cabinets still remain the most popular, but that isn't the only option.

Are white cabinets in for 2024? ›

While white cabinets will always be in style, warm white is becoming more popular in 2024. This includes kitchen cabinet colors such as off-white, eggshell, and ivory. You'll get warmth and style in your space and can transform your kitchen into a modern oasis or a classic, more traditional haven.

Are white kitchens out for 2024? ›

D.C. design pros say do this instead. After years of muted farmhouse-style kitchens, 2024 ushers in an earthier era, with greens, blues, natural wood tones and warm metals.

What is replacing shiplap in 2024? ›

Think anything but horizontally installed shiplap. Wainscoting and beadboard wall treatments involve adding wooden panels or planks typically to the lower half of a wall. They add a classic, timeless look but also elevate the space creating visual interest on a budget.

What is the most popular countertop in 2024? ›

Quartz kitchen countertops are a beautiful and durable way to upgrade any kitchen. In 2024, many people will be choosing Calacatta quartz for their home remodel.

What is the most popular cabinet style in 2024? ›

6 Kitchen Cabinet Trends You'll See in 2024, According to Top...
  • Wood Grain.
  • Creamy Taupes and Off-Whites.
  • Orange and Red Undertones.
  • Mixed-Color Cabinets.
  • Modern-Traditional Styles.
  • Kitchen Islands.
Sep 27, 2023

What are the most popular cabinet styles in 2024? ›

Looking ahead into 2024, shaker cabinets still remain the most popular, but that isn't the only option. Flat-panel and inset styles are also making headlines. You can also mix-and-match styles for a truly custom look.

What color hardware is in for 2024? ›

Black Door Hardware: Bold and Sophisticated

Continuing its popularity into 2024, black door fittings are set to maintain their favored status among architects and interior designers. Black door hardware is a symbol of both sophistication and bold design, perfectly suited for making a striking statement.

What color kitchen appliances are in style 2024? ›

In 2024, the kitchen is going full-blown Technicolor. Gone are subtle color palettes like duck egg and deep green; in their place, homeowners and kitchen designers alike are favoring palettes—and ovens, microwaves, and dishwashers to match—like black or pink; moody versus bright.


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